SCI 228 Week 1 Quiz

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SCI 228 Week 1 Quiz

 1.Question :(TCO 1) The two overarching goals of ________ are to increase quality and years of healthy life and to eliminate health disparities.
Student Answer: Dietary Reference Intakes (DRIs)
 the USDA
 Healthy People 2010
 the American Dietetic Association (ADA)


 2.Question :(TCO 1) Which of the following BEST describes minerals?
Student Answer: Micronutrients that are broken down easily during digestion
 Micronutrients that are easily destroyed by heat and light
 Inorganic micronutrients found in a variety of foods
 Nutrients that are needed in large amounts by the body


 3.Question :(TCO 1) Which of the following is NOT a primary function of dietary protein?
Student Answer: Building new cells and tissues
 Repairing damaged structures
 Regulating metabolism and fluid balance
 Serving as a primary source of energy for the body

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 4.Question :(TCO 1) Which physiological trigger(s) will result in the sensation of hunger?
Student Answer: Low glucose levels
 High glucose levels
 Release of the chemical messengers leptin and serotonin
 Eating a meal with a high satiety value


 5.Question :(TCO 3) Which best explains why carbohydrate digestion ceases when food reaches the stomach?
Student Answer: Carbohydrate is completely digested in the mouth.
 Salivary enzymes cannot function in the acid environment of the stomach.
 Carbohydrate is completely absorbed in the esophagus.
 Intestinal bacteria are needed for carbohydrate digestion.


 6.Question :(TCO 3) What are probiotics?
Student Answer: Specialty foods in which nutrients have been added
 Antibiotics that are specific to harmful bacteria while protecting healthful bacteria
 Live microorganisms naturally found in or supplemented to food products
 Foods known to have disease-fighting effects


 7.Question :(TCO 3) All of the following are protective responses to encountering food-borne microbes EXCEPT:
Student Answer: vomiting and diarrhea.
 increased production of white blood cells.
 decreased metabolic rate.


 8.Question :(TCO 3) A cyclic food allergy is one that:
Student Answer: occurs every time the offending food is eaten.
 develops on a fixed time frame, such as once a month.
 develops slowly over time.
 occurs during times of physiological stress, such as during illness or surgery.


 9.Question :(TCO 3) Which of the following additives gives ham, hot dogs, and bologna their pink color?
Student Answer: Sulfites
 Propionic acid


 10.Question :(TCO 3) Which of the following is NOT an advantage of using biopesticides?
Student Answer: Degrade rapidly and are easily washed away by water
 Do not leave pesticide residues on crops
 Can be produced synthetically and are therefore inexpensive
 Are less toxic to humans and the environment



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