SCI 228 Week 2 Quiz

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SCI 228 Week 2 Quiz

 1.Question :(TCO 1) Major fructose sources include:
Student Answer: milk and cheese.
 nuts and honey.
 fruits and vegetables.
 breads and cereals.


 2.Question :(TCO 1) When fructose and glucose are bonded together, they form:
Student Answer: table sugar.
 malt sugar.
 milk sugar.
 fruit sugar.


 3.Question :(TCO 1) Which of the following carbohydrates is the end product of photosynthesis?
Student Answer: Glycogen

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 4.Question :(TCO 2) Which of the following BEST describes the glycemic index?
Student Answer: An individual’s glucose/insulin ratio in a fasted state
 The amount of insulin required to metabolize 100 grams of glucose
 The glucose content of a given food
 The extent to which a given food raises blood glucose and insulin


 5.Question :(TCO 2) Gluconeogenesis is:
Student Answer: the synthesis of new glucose from amino acids.
 the release of stored glycogen from the liver.
 the process by which plants use sunlight to synthesize glucose.
 the uptake of glucose by the body’s cells.


 6.Question :(TCO 2) Glucose is the preferred source of energy for which of the following?
Student Answer: Brain cells
 Red blood cells
 The central nervous system
 All of these


 7.Question :(TCO 3) Sean is planning to bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies for his girlfriend. Which of the following artificial sweeteners would be the best substitute for the sugar in the recipe?
Student Answer: Aspartame


 8.Question :(TCO 3) Diabetes is a condition in which the body doesn’t process ________ properly.
Student Answer: vitamins


 9.Question :(TCO 3) In Type I diabetes, the ________ may be destroyed by an autoimmune disease.
Student Answer: hepatocytes of the liver
 beta cells of the pancreas
 neurotransmitters of the brain
 glomerulus cells of the kidney


 10.Question :(TCO 4) Which of the following ethnic groups has the LOWEST incidence of lactose intolerance?
Student Answer: Asians
 African Americans



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