SCI 228 Week 3 Quiz

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SCI 228 Week 3 Quiz

1.Question :(TCO 3) The process of adding hydrogen to an unsaturated fatty acid and creating a more solid fat is called:
Student Answer: emulsification.


 2.Question :(TCO 3) Which of the following describes lipids?
Student Answer: Organic nutrients that are insoluble in water
 Inorganic nutrients that are insoluble in water
 Organic nutrients that are insoluble in fat
 Inorganic nutrients that are insoluble in fat


 3.Question :(TCO 6) To facilitate the digestion of dietary fats, the gallbladder stores and releases a substance known as:
Student Answer: lipase.
 hydrochloric acid.

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 4.Question :(TCO 6) Which one of the following foods contains invisible fats?
Student Answer: Olive oil
 Chocolate cake


 5.Question :(TCO 6) What element makes protein different from carbohydrates and fat?
Student Answer: Carbon


 6.Question :(TCO 5) Which of the following statements is FALSE?
Student Answer: HCl denatures protein to allow digestive enzymes to break down the protein.
 HCl inhibits the digestion of fat so it does not compete with protein digestion.
 HCl untangles the strands of protein and breaks the peptide bonds.
 HCl activates pepsin from pepsinogen.


 7.Question :(TCO 5) Which of the following is NOT typically a nutrient of concern for vegans?
Student Answer: Iron
 Vitamin B12
 Vitamin C


 8.Question :(TCO 5) The part of the protein molecule that carries nitrogen is the:
Student Answer: acid group.
 amine group.
 side chain.
 hydrogen group.


 9.Question :(TCO 5) The type of protein-energy malnutrition characterized by a general lack of protein, energy, and nutrients in the diet is called:
Student Answer: marasmus.
 sickle cell anemia.
 cystic fibrosis.


 10.Question :(TCO 5) Which of the following is a genetic disorder resulting in debilitating protein abnormalities?
Student Answer: Cystic fibrosis
 Mad cow disease


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