SPCH 277 Week 4 Assignment

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SPCH 277 Week 4 Assignment

Individual Speech Presentation: Draft

From last week: Email your instructor early in the week to obtain speech topic approval if you have not already done so. Continue researching your topic and create a good thesis statement. Write at least three sentences for the main ideas concerning your topic.

This week, update your thesis statement and your main idea sentences, create at least two subtopics for each of the three main points, and add to your research notes. Use these items to write a first draft for your outline. Do the outline tutorial exercises provided in the lecture. Spend time learning about outlining and solving your topic organization, sequence, and outline problems. Your outline is not due this week. You will complete working on this outline next week. Nothing is due in the Dropbox yet for your speech.

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PowerPoint presentations with recorded narration are due in Week 6. Begin practicing the use of your microphone with your computer and the PowerPoint narration feature. See the iConnect tab and the Presentation tab under Course Home for the tutorials on how to use these features.

Note: Notify your instructor now if you do not understand how to create an outline. If you are having great difficulty creating a draft of your outline, e-mail specific questions to your instructor. You may wish to ask for a personal phone call.


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