SPCH 277 Week 5 Assignment

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SPCH 277 Week 5 Assignment

Speech Written Assignment: Final Outline, Description of Visuals, and References

  • Written Assignment: Your Final Outline needs to have a General goal for a topic for a certain audience, a Specific Goal, a Thesis Statement sentence, Introduction, Body of the Outline, and Conclusion. See Chapter 11 for writing general and specific goals. See the end of Chapter 12 for an example of a completed outline.
  • Include a separate page for the Description of Visuals (PowerPoint images plan)
  • Include a separate page named References and list sources in alphabetical order with hanging indents and use APA style. Do the APA tutorials provided in the Syllabus.
  • Call a DeVry librarian for help on formatting your References page.
  • See the outline rubric in Doc Sharing and check your work to be sure that you have included all of the requirements to complete this assignment.

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Team Editing:

  • Early in the week (Day 1, 2, or 3), share your completed first or second outline draft with your team to ask for feedback. If you do not share your first draft early in the week, you cannot expect other people to have time to review it for you.
  • During the week (Days 1-5), respond to team members who have asked for your suggestions, comments, and corrections on their outlines. You can respond by any communication method of your choice – IM, chat, phone, email, texting, team threads, etc. Try to respond as early as you can, or at least within 2 days. If you can’t review an outline or provide any comment within 2 days of receiving a team member’s outline, notify your team member about when to expect your comments. Day 5 should be your latest date to respond to other people, or Day 6 for emergency last minute reviews. Remember that other people need time to use your ideas and revise their outlines!
  • Review the suggestions, comments, and corrections that you receive daily from your team and incorporate the best ideas into your first draft outline.
  • Save the end of your week (Days 6 and 7) for revising your own outline and preparing the Final Outline version, completing the Description of Visuals (PowerPoint images plan) page, and checking the References page.



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